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The Best Anti-Cellulite Smoothie For your Legs

What if you could start to immediately improve your diet right now and begin to reverse your cellulite? The best anti-cellulite smoothie for your legs is your quick-start plan to getting smoother legs in a hurry. The problem with most of us is we are missing key nutrients in our diet and replacing them with cellulite-building foods.

This Smoothie gives you what you are missing and will put you on track to great legs this summer:

Get a good blender, add all these ingredients, and whip it all up until you have a great tasting smoothie!

The Best Anti-Cellulite Smoothie For Your Legs

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• 1 pint of water
• 1 handful of baby spinach
• 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds
• 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds
• 1 tablespoon of ground chia seeds
• ½ banana
• ½ an apple
• 1 handful of berries (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries etc.)
• The juice from half a lemon

There is no silver bullet, no one food or pill or potion that will magically eliminate cellulite. Rather, eating a nutritious and filling diet is the way to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need to keep your energy high while getting your body lean and skin smooth at the same time.

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Most of us don’t do a few things required to not only get lean but also eliminate cellulite. Having this smoothie twice a day will help rectify many of the dietary mistakes we make and improve the situation immediately.

Great legs require fruits and vegetables

Maybe you’ve heard about eating a more alkaline diet (vs. an acidic diet) and the idea that a highly acidic body can’t lean down. While there is some conjecture as to how all this works we all know that a diet higher in alkaline foods (such as most fruits and veggies) is just healthier.


The typical western diet is far too lacking into fruits and vegetables. Too much wheat, dairy, sugar, and low-fibre foods have us packing on the pounds. In addition to having the anti-cellulite smoothie twice a day it is a smart rule to comprise a 1/3 of your plate of fibrous veggies and fruits.

But be warned: don’t go for extremes i.e. the Alkaline diet. The Alkaline diet suggests that you should eat no foods that are acidic such as meats, breads, processed foods, alcohol, and sugar.

Solid sources of protein such as chicken breasts, lean steak, and fish, and eggs are not alkaline foods but they are part of a great nutrition plan to get lean. You need to feed you muscles solid sources of protein will help you recover from your body-sculpting workouts.

Bottom line, moderation is key, extremism in any diet should be questioned.

Water is an absolute must if you want to have smooth legs

Screenshot 2014-04-24 12.30.29

You should be drinking 3 litres of water a day (or 6 pints). Having this smoothie twice a day gets you a 1/3 of the water you should be drinking.

Have 1 pint ½ hour before breakfast to speed up your metabolism. The secret to getting this done is to keep a glass by your washroom sink and having that first glass of water before you start getting ready for the day.

Have 1 pint with every meal you have (and if you eat 3 small meals in a day, plus two smoothies) you will be at 3 litres for the day.

Treat your water like your vegetables…your meal isn’t done until you’ve finished everything on your plate….and drank all your water too.

Fibre for fabulous legs

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Poor digestion is one reason you may have been putting on weight and cellulite over the years and a lack of enough fibre is surely one of the causes. Keep in mind that most of us “feel” we eat enough veggies and drink enough water.

Research shows that foods high in fibre do wonders in the body, keeping blood-sugar levels normalized, reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, some cancers and gastrointestinal disorders not to mention promoting weight loss.

A diet low in fibre prevents us from excreting toxins from the body which ultimately get recycled increasing the toxicity in our body and also, inflammation which can lead to a variety of intestinal and skin conditions.

When you understand in detail the way a diet low in fibre turns your body into a toxic mess, most of us would typically be so grossed out that we will start firing back veggies with every meal as soon as humanly possible.

Healthy, smooth skin needs healthy fats

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Remember that root of cellulite comes from imbalanced hormones. Good hormone functioning requires FAT. So starving yourself of fat will is not the answer. 20% of your diet should be comprised of healthy fats; avacados, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil (at room temperature only, don’t cook with olive oil), and seeds.

The few seeds included in this smoothie not only get you’re a ton of healthy fats and fibre, they also provide a ton of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Include other healthy fats in your meals. Throw avocados and nuts in your salads. Fry your eggs in coconut oil. Make homemade salad dressing with an olive oil base.

A Very Helpful Exercise To Get You Lean

So let’s get away from how we “feel” and get to what we know. Keep a food journal for two weeks including what you drink and then you will have an accurate record of just how much water and how many veggies you actually consume. Most people are shocked to find out it’s much, much less than they thought.

How to Indulge and Not Pack On The Pounds

Screenshot 2014-05-08 14.26.58

While it’s good advice to minimize sugar, processed foods, and alcohol in your diet, indulging once in a while will not sabotage your efforts to get lean and smooth skin if you use moderation. In fact, indulging regularly (once a week) is a great way to keep you sanity while eating clean and prevent you from snapping and binge eating.

A smart course of action is to plan you cheat day with exactly what you will eat so you get to have your cake and eat it too…without the cheat day being a complete free-for-all where you eat so much bad foods you undo all the clean eating you have done for the prior 6 days.

Portion control is very important on your cheat day. Limit your cheating to 2 meals and watch how much of those rich-foods you do eat. So have some chocolate cake or a glass of wine, then get back on the clean-eating bandwagon after your cheat day.

You need to move those legs to make them look fantastic

Screenshot 2014-05-08 14.34.03

You can get as lean as you want, but if you don’t have any muscle underneath that lean skin you will not have the dream body you want. Exercising as little as 3 times per week is all it takes to sculpt the body of your dreams while also increasing your lean down by burning fat at the same time.

So try the best anti-cellulite smoothie for your legs for yourself and let us know what your results were after a month. For a perfect plan to get the legs you want check out and our plan to get you both lean and gorgeous in no time.

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