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The Best Workouts For Women Are Also The Best Workouts For Men

Shawna Kaminski can outperform most guys I know in the gym and yet she is a petite, shapely, and toned lady. So what’s the deal? When women train to get strong and fast their body moves to its optimal state which happens to be that beautiful body every woman wants.

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No they don’t get bulky. Guys on the other hand, put on muscle in all the right places and get that lean stomach. The difference is men and women have different hormone levels so we respond differently to the same stimulus.

At the end of the day a good looking body is both strong and fast whether you are a man or a woman so take heed.

Strength Routines Are The Best Workouts For Women

Check out one of the fat loss workouts down below…

Now if you meet Shawna you probably wouldn’t think she’s half as powerful as she is for such s a tiny little girl. She’s in better than bikini shape year round and she’s the envy of girls half her age.

She focuses on being strong and doing intense cardio complex sessions to build muscle, burn fat, and look great in the process. Short but intense workouts that have a specific purpose. She isn’t just moving for the sake of moving (like people do when the do a cardio classes or jogging) she is always working to get stronger.

On each workout, she is trying to be stronger and faster than the last. How strong? Shawna can pop off 27 chin-ups in a row like it’s nothing. You see if you chase goals where you try to improve your performance the great body follows.

I mentioned above that Shawna likes not only strength routines, but also intense cardio sessions. Like what you ask? Our friend Kate Vidulich designed a short, simple workout for Shawna you can do with only a set of light dumbbells. It only takes a few minutes but it will transform your body for sure! See below:

A Crazy Fat Loss Routine

Here’s the routine written out for you:

Perform each of the following one exercise after the other with no rest. At the end of 1 round rest for 90 seconds then repeat the whole thing again for a total of 4 rounds:
A) Dumbbell Swing x 8
B) Alternating Reverse Lunge x 8
C) Front Squat to Push press x 8
D) Dumbbell Swing x 8
E) Dumbbell renegade row x 8
F) Squat thrust x 8

High intensity metabolic workouts like Kate’s allow you to both develop strength while challenging your aerobic capacity. Translation: you burn fat while you build muscle…which makes you burn more fat anyway.

I mean these workouts are just perfect if you’re busy. If you like Kate’s routine check out her full program here.

==> Find out more about why Kate is one of New York City’s hottest trainers!

Shawna, Daryl, and I all use Kate’s workouts at the end of a sprint or strength session to amp up the fat burning effects of our routines. These metabolic fat loss workouts are great on their own or to finish a workout.

So that’s all there is to it. Focus on being stronger and faster instead of focusing solely on the number on the weight scale and the results are guaranteed to come. That means trying to be just a little stronger or a little faster than you were the previous workout.

Track your progress. If you don’t remember how many squats you did yesterday, how do you know if you beat that number today?

Lastly, it doesn’t take long. Seriously, you can do a killer workout in only 5 to 10 minutes. Everyone has 5 to 10 minutes to devote to looking and feeling absolutely awesome. Take the time almost every day to exercise and you will thank yourself for it before too long.

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