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The Difference Between Good Legs And Great Legs

The difference between good legs and great legs all comes down to your attention to detail. Many people do squats and they are very, very important. The details though can range from how well you do your squats to all the other exercises you do to develop each and every muscle in your legs and hips from a variety of angles and tempos.

Jump For Great Legs (and Booty)

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 How To Do Box Jumps

If you haven’t done any jumping in a good long while then the rule is to start low and easy. In fact, when you start any new exercise is it always wise to go at 50% for the first couple of weeks on that particular exercise and let you body get accustomed to the new movement.

Don’t have a box to do jumps with? Then try burpees! Visit here to see how to do them!

For starters, choose a box 6″ off the ground. Make sure whatever elevated surface you are using is stable and isn’t going to slip out from under you. Use your arms for momentum by swinging them behind you and jump as your arms swing up and in front of you. Simply jump up and land on the box. Take you time and make sure you have a good solid landing. Then step back down in a slow controlled manner.

Reset yourself for another jump and begin again.

When you start this exercise don’t try to do it so fast that you lose form and risk injury. Wait until you are very comfortable with it before you speed up the tempo by jumping back up as soon as you land.

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Why Do It?

The value of this exercise comes from the explosive work to jump. It’s part of a great warm up for a heavy weight workout or challenging body weight routine.

Over time increase the height of your jumps and it won’t be long before you are not only comfortable with this movement but surprised by just how high you are jumping.

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