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The Difference Between Looking Good And Great Is Your Legs

When it comes to being in awesome shape the difference between looking good and great is your legs. Some people want abs, some people want a nice butt, but those who seek to have great legs get it all!

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I was once training a young lady who was somewhat thin but didn’t really have much shape to her body. The truth is even though she didn’t look too bad in clothes she was out of shape. Now when this woman had come to me she had already made up her mind she wanted to go for it. She wanted to get not into good shape but into awesome shape. And she was willing to do whatever it took to get there.

Other people aim low and say,

“I just want a six pack.”


“I’d be happy if I had a nice perky butt.”

But when you only train for the bare minimum, that’s usually all you’ll ever get.

Got abs…no butt

I’m sure you have seen people with a lean stomach but…they’re really just painfully skinny. I mean they have no butt to speak of…if you don’t follow a plan to make your whole body look fantastic then you’re not going to get that fantastic body, even if you do have a six-pack.

Go here and check out why plyometrics can help build a better butt!

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Nice Butt…Not So Nice Gut

Then there are those women you are typically on the verge of just getting really out of shape who somehow seem to have held onto their cute butt, at least for a short time. Half the time you don’t even notice they still have a nice derriere because their stomach really captures all the attention.

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Nice Legs, Nice Butt, Nice Abs!!!

But it’s next to impossible to have great legs and not have the whole package. You cannot do the kinds of things that develop great legs (squats, sprinting, etc.) without have a strong core and strong glutes. They all go hand in hand in hand…so to speak.

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Here’s the deal, you might notice a particular body part like abs or butt on a fit girl and think you want to look like them. Often time what goes unnoticed is that really fit people are fit all over. When they are lacking in one area it sticks out like a sore thumb and detracts from that one area of their body that may look great.

The woman I trained has gone on to have nothing short of a truly incredible body. I’ll bet she wasn’t much different than you starting out. Just an average girl. What wasn’t average about her was her will to go for it, to be great.

She focused on getting her legs strong and in order to do so her whole body had to get into tip top shape. Don’t aim low…you’re likely going to spend the same amount of time working out anyway.

Enough with good, why not be great?

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