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The “How To Get Incredible Abs” Formula

I can remember the first time I squatted with a barbell. Just trying to balance the weight on my shoulders had my torso working overtime to stabilize the weight. It was only by getting much stronger abdominals that I was able to squat more weight and develop my legs. In the process I got the six-pack I wanted.

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There is a workout formula for getting incredible abs. And once you understand this formula you can finally unlock the six-pack you have been looking to get. Great looking abs are strong abs and by that I mean the kind of abs that stabilize your spine, especially when you are doing any active movement.

Kate Vidulich Interview

Formula For Getting Incredible Abs

Kate, for those of you who don’t know, is a fat loss expert and designer of Fat Loss . She is also the person to go see if you want great abs. Her most recent brainchild is Ab Accelerators where she combines the proven formula for developing a six-pack and gives these routines the same fat-burning effects of her whole-body workouts.

Movement #1: Kate talks about the need to do a “bracing” action when you are doing static abdominal movements like the plank and bird dogs. If these exercises appear easy then you just aren’t doing them right. A plank is merely the top position in a push up, so holding that position and exerting the minimum effort to do so isn’t too terribly hard.

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On the other hand if brace as you hold a plank it is tremendously challenging. If it’s challenging then it will deliver results. Bracing is flexing your core (your abs and glutes) as hard as you can as if you are bracing to get punched in the stomach.

Movement #2: The 2nd movement in any great ab routine is to add dynamic movement to a stable position as in mountain climbers or cross-body mountain climbers. These movements are basically a plank with dynamic leg movement which add a great deal of difficulty to stabilizing the core.

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Movement #3: Now your abdominals are awake and likely burning somewhat so a final conditioning type of movement is a great way to keep the abs working and rev up the fat-burning aspect of the ab workout.

Short Workout Add-On’s

The best thing about these routines is they are tremendously short (10 minutes would be a long Ab Accelerator Workout). So you can tack them onto the end of just about any workout routine as a way to build your abs and burn fat.

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They are intense workouts though, so it’s best to leave them for the end of your workout. They’re also great as a standalone calorie-burner on days where you just don’t have time to get in a full workout. Check out Kate by clicking here¬†as she’s got a lot of great videos, articles, and resources to help you get the abs of your dreams.

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