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The Most Important Christmas Gift You Could Ever Get

There was a lady I once knew. For the sake of privacy let’s call this lady Sue. Now Sue was a very successful woman by most measures. This girl had made millions upon millions over her lifetime, she was a devoted mother, and she made time to give back after all the good fortune she had received. Now of anybody I knew this gal deserved all the success she received. She was super smart, worked even harder, and did it all with a sense of joy.

Not so long ago Sue got sick. Very sick. She was hospitalized with a very serious condition and things weren’t looking good at all.

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Inactivity And Being Too Busy ~ A Dangerous Combination

You see Sue was a workaholic. She felt that “excessive sleep” as she called it was just wasting time when she could be up and being productive. Sue slept on average 4 to 5 hours a night, and it wasn’t a very deep sleep to say the least. She kept the pace with a little too much coffee during the day and usually had a glass of wine at night to slow things down before bed.

By most common standards this doesn’t sound too terribly unhealthy…but it was. Sue was burning the candle at both ends and making no time for her own health. While she didn’t eat too badly and wasn’t too overweight, she did no physical activity.

In the end although the doctors couldn’t say with any conclusive certainty, but they did say that it wasn’t uncommon for people who were so inactive and so busy to get so very sick so young.

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Health vs. Wealth

Do you think Sue would have given up all her wealth while lying on her deathbed in exchange for her health? I mean, you can always rebuild, make more money, but once you’re sick, or worse dying, the game is over.

The truth is it isn’t a decision you have to make. You can do incredible workouts in just 30 minutes. In fact, recent research has shown that you can get great results in as little as 4 minutes! It’s just a matter of making exercising a priority at least a few times a week.

Don’t have 30 minutes a day to do a workout? See how this 5 minute workout helped this guy lose 100 pounds!

This holiday season the best gift you could get or give is a gift of health. So while you’re at the stores buying gifts or at parties celebrating the season, stop and think of what you’re going to do to make this year a permanent change, to make your life a new healthy life.

Don’t wait and put it off for a New Year’s resolution. Statistically 92% of New Year’s fitness resolutions fail.

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Procrastination Is A Recipe For Failure

You are reading this now…so believe me, this is your wake up call. Don’t tell yourself you are going to get around to it in January, you are only more likely to give up and fail. Start now and ride the momentum.

Click here to get motivated and start living healthier!

Sue used to say she planned on making time to get fit once things slowed down, but they never did. Now her loved ones miss her deeply.

Hit the ground running. Start a new program today so that come January 1st you haven’t put on another 5lbs but instead you’re 6 to 10lbs lighter. If you’ve already started the habit of exercising, what are the odds you’ll keep your New Year’s resolution for good this year?

A New Life

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Being fit and healthy makes every aspect of your life so much better and in the end it just might make it a little longer too.

I look at my friends and how busy we are all becoming. Life just doesn’t seem to slow down. Still we have to make time for ourselves now so we’ll have the time to give to others later.








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