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The Second Easiest Thing You Can Do To Lose Weight

If the #1 thing you can do to lose weight is drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day, the second easiest thing you can do to lose weight is eat more fibre.

Do you have veggies with each and every meal? If not this is one of the simplest ways to make every meal you eat healthier. Heck it can help you make a bad meal less bad. I’m not saying you should eat chocolate balls and salad for every meal…far from it. But fibre with every meal will help set you on a path to your ideal weight.

You might be out on the weekend and grab a burger at a restaurant. Make your side salad instead of fries. VegetablesĀ  won’t make the meal magically healthy but it does make it less unhealthy. You will digest the fat in the meal better meaning you store less of it.

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Make Any Meal Healthier

Fibre slows digestion and helps with blood sugar regulation…translation it helps prevent weight gain. A spike in your blood sugar sends a message to you digestive system to store fat.

Then, one major difference between a healthy meal and a not-so-healthy meal is how it affects your blood sugar.

How much fibrous vegetables do you have with every meal?

As a rule a third of your plate for every meal

should be fibrous vegetables.

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Where You Get Your Fibre Matters

Vegetables are lower in sugar than fruits such as apples or pears. Sugar is your biggest contributing factor to your weight gain. And although I eat fruit regularly the sugar you eat adds up, even from fruit. So opt for veggies most of the time. By the way, potatoes don’t count as fibrous veggies šŸ˜‰

Vegetables give you energy versus just taking a fibre supplement. Given the alternative you should always choose real food over supplements. Supplements are just that, an addition to you diet when you are strapped for time or you diet is seriously lacking a certain component.

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Feel Less Hungry

Since fibre slows digestion it helps you stay fuller, longer, which means you can stave off useless cravings for crappy food. Ditto for water…it makes you feel full and reduces cravings. Besides, if you are eating more fibre you should be drinking more water to make sure you have good digestion, which brings me to the final point…

Are Slow Bowels Sabotaging Your Weight Loss…Hell Yes!!!

Now this isn’t pretty but it’s just the two of us here so we can be blunt. It’s just got to be said because it matters if you want to lean down, feel good, and look great. If you have a very slow metabolism it’s going to affect how you digest fat.

If you have less than one bowel movement every day then you can consider yourself constipated on some level. Rectify this situation and you will see your weight loss efforts finally work.

Two of the major causes of constipation are lack of fibre AND dehydration. Which gets back to the easiest thing you can do to lose weight…drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day. Water + Fibre = Weight Loss.

It’s not all you have to do to get to your perfect weight but it’s two of the easiest things you can do to dramatically improve your diet immediately.

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