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The Secret To Unlocking An Incredible Body – Part 1

I walked into the gym yesterday and a good many people were training legs or doing a bootcamp class. I couldn’t help but notice just how many people squatting with horrible form. So what you say?

You need to understand this…if you can’t squat well you won’t be able to develop truly great legs…and if you can’t get great legs you will never have a truly incredible body.

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If you get great legs you will have an incredible body. Why? Well, in order to be able to develop great legs your whole body has to be in great shape. One glaring weakness will prevent you from being able to squat well so squatting is a great test of your overall fitness.

So if you can’t squat well you won’t get a great body and you certainly won’t get great legs.

The Secret

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Most people can’t squat well due to a weakness or stiffness. Weak abs, weak lower back, weak hamstrings, weak feet and ankles, tight hips and hip flexors can all be contributing factors but the most common culprit are WEAK GLUTES (Your Butt)! Due to our modern lifestyle of sitting for long periods and too much inactivity the glutes can not only get weaker but go dormant.


Yeah, as in they stop working when you squat down or bend over. Who picks up the slack? That’s right, your lower back and knees…which results in injury. You see the glutes are suppose to do the majority of the heavy lifting and all the other muscles work together to assist.

The strongest muscles in the body is your gluteal muscles. When they aren’t working it wreaks havoc. Without them you just won’t be able to unlock the incredible body you want.

What To Do…

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Here’s a fact you will probably not find all that earth shattering but it really is. Sprinting activates 234% more glute muscle than a vertical jump. Again, so what?

Well that means you definitely need to do some specific exercises that mimic a sprinting motion rather than a jumping motion. You see squats mimic a jumping motion, and they do work the glutes significantly, but they don’t work them enough to fix the issue.

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There are a few angles you need to work your glutes in order to “wake them up” and build strength. Remember a stronger butt will translate into a smaller butt so don’t worry about building a huge butt.

Stay tuned for Part 2 in this series which will run you through the exact program you need to do to address any weak areas or stiffness particularly in the glutes to unlock your incredible body.

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