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The Truth About Cellulite

Cellulite-Banishing Guru Joey Atlas can tell you the truth about cellulite if anyone can. He’s been in the industry for decades and has pretty much seen and done it all. Over that time there was a great demand from Joey’s clients to fix their cellulite problem. So Joey took on the challenge and over the years studied, researched, and with experience in the field, came to his cellulite-busting solution. The Truth about Cellulite.

Interview with Cellulite-Banishing Guru Joey Atlas

Part 2 of the Interview

Joey discusses the importance of complete leg development and how that is impossible to do with conventional weight machines. He also discusses the root cause of cellulite, hormonal imbalances, and how to address them with nutrition.

Part 3 of the Interview with Joey

Joey explains in detail why women need to do strength training; but in particular, a specific kind of strength training program that will support each and every muscle of the legs and hips to help eliminate the saggy, dimply look of cellulite.

Wrapping It All Up

Click HERE to find out more about Joey’s cellulite solution or just go to his website We understand cellulite is a tough issue for many women but the biggest danger is all the misinformation pumped through the media promising a certain potion or magic treatment will solve the issue.
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It won’t.

You need to workout and workout in a certain way. You need to avoid the foods that throw your body out of hormonal balance. But most importantly, you have to use your own common sense. Is that person doing endless cardio on the treadmill at the gym looking any better than she did last year? Are those creams or treatments really solving the problem?

You have the ability to solve your cellulite problem by living a healthier life. And you will get so much more from making this change than just incredible looking legs.

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