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This Secret Leg Exercise Will Take You To The Next Level

This move comes from Master Hwang, my martial arts teacher for almost 20 years. It is a move that builds strong, lean legs. One of my seniors used to do this move with me and another guy on his back for a total of almost 400lbs! Yet my senior was only 170lbs at the time.

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So this is a move won’t bulk you up. Instead it will develop your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes something fierce. Remember strong is the new skinny. Getting stronger will give you the lean body you want with slight curves in all the right places.

This is one exercise you just won’t see anywhere else. It will give you an edge over any other leg workout. Use it to take your legs to the next level.

Hapkido Squats

Good Form = Great Results

Here’s the first step to get this move just perfect. Stand about two feet away from a wall facing it directly. Squat down as low as you can, and this is the only squat where it’s okay to do it on the balls of your feet. Now while in this squatting on the balls of your feet position, place you hands on the wall in front of you and pick a dot on the wall to focus upon.

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To do the movement squat up and out. So as you extend you legs reach your butt back as far as you can yet remain on the balls of your feet. Your are staring at the point on the wall you picked so your head should not move, particularly it should not raise up as your hip raise up.

The reason it is safe to squat on the balls of your feet in this move is the reach-back movement you are doing with your hips. By reaching back with your hips you take the stress off your knees and lower back making this a very safe move to do.

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What If I Have Tight Hamstrings?

You may notice you can’t fully extend your legs at the top. In this case you may have tight hamstrings and that’s totally okay. Use this exercise also as a stretch. So at the top of the move keep that head down and take time to stretch and breath deeply. Eventually you’ll be able to extend fully as your hammies get more limber.

Make Hapkido Squats part of your routine and you will see the results for yourself!

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