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Trust The Process

One of the challenges of transformation is that so often people get stopped before they really get started. One of the best things you can do is work on your faith! Yes, trust the process. When doubt creeps in…when you get stuck…when you slip up on your nutrition, skip a workout, have a bad week, bad month. The best touchstone you can have is not just knowing but believing that if you keep working towards it, change is inevitable.

Check out the podcast about just that here.

Podcast: Daryl Devonish & Niall Traynor

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Niall and Daryl hanging with our boy and comedian extraordinaire Jean Paul

Think about any other area in your life where you have been successful. That could be graduating school, doing your job, being a parent…anywhere that you have had success. In all these areas while you were learning you failed. But you didn’t let failure stop you because you KNEW, you believed, that if you just kept going that you would achieve your goal.

And you didn’t necessarily know how you would get there, but you believed that whatever was necessary, you would figure it out and do it eventually.

Approach fitness and your own personal transformation with the same attitude and there is no doubt you will succeed. Because with this attitude, every time you slip up and run into a roadblock you will instantly search for the solution. You won’t miss workouts. You will find your path to your ideal fitness level.

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My big brother Sean, Daryl, and myself having a well-earned beer after our first Tough Mudder.

You want to transform you body? You want great legs? To get rid of celllulite?

Other people have done it. It’s possible. If one person can do it, anyone can. There are no special genetics or advantages. I can guarantee you those people who have made an incredible transformation had faith they would get there and that’s what kept them going when they got stuck.

You can do it and we can help.




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