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Your Dream Body

I love to daydream. It’s a great escape in the day, a way to immediately brighten my mood. In particular I love to daydream about the future, about what I want to unravel for myself. It’s something that has allowed me to reach new highs and attain lofty goals.

I can clearly remember when I dreamed of transforming my body. I was a scrawny, awkward kid and when I closed my eyes I could see myself becoming a more athletic, muscular version of myself. And in time I worked and learned how to become my vision.

That daydreaming never stops. Am I satisfied with where I am in my fitness level, my business, my relationships? No, I want to suck the marrow out of life and I would encourage you to do the same!

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Transform Your Body

What if I said you could transform you body into the fittest version of yourself possible? What would you look like? What kind of things would you be able to do? Think of all the ways your life might improve? Never stressing about what you look like in clothes because you always look great in whatever you put on…never stressing about what you look like naked because you know you look fantastic?

Think of the confidence you would have in your relationships and at work. Every aspect of your life would change for the better.

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Anything Worth Having…

Yes, it’s not going to be easy.  It will require work. You will hit plateaus. You will need to search and study and learn. But nothing worth having ever came easy. The more you need to struggle the sweeter your personal victory.

It will so frick’n worth it.

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Imagine A Wonderful Future

Think of the person you could be. Think of the people you look up to and how people would now look up to you for the transformation you made. Who could you help? You would become not only happier and more confident, you would grow to be a more powerful person than you can even conceive right now.

Be the superhero you were meant to be.

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