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What Exercise Will Give You A Great Butt And A Strong Lower Back?

Most people wish their butt looked better than it does. In fact, weak glutes is a systemic problem with most people. Many physiotherapists believe that weak glutes (aka weak hips) is a big contributing factor for a good many back injuries. So what if you could do one exercise that would not only strengthen your glutes but also your lower back and in a safe manner?

Do This One Exercise To Get Great Glutes And Strengthen Your Lower Back

Our modern inactive lifestyle actually causes a condition where our glutes have become inactive. Instead of being the first muscle to fire off when you squat down or bend over the glutes are almost “asleep” and don’t want to work. When the glutes don’t work as they should your lower back and knees do the brunt of the effort and in doing so often get injured.

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If you want great legs you need strong glutes and a strong lower back. They all go hand-in-hand. While squats and one-legged deadlifts are great for your glutes nothing quite replaces how well your glutes are engaged when you do bridges (aka hip thrusters). So do this exercise and do it often.

The Science Behind It

Don’t believe me? Check out the godfather of glute training, Bret Contreras, and his article on which exercise activate the glutes best. Now Bret is a big advocate of lifting weights (which is great) but if you would prefer to do body weight exercises bridges off your shoulders, bridges off your hands, and one-legged bridges are all great alternatives.

If you do want to add some weight at home use big bag of rice, or if like me, you have a couple of ankle biters running around, grab one of the cuties and tell them it’s a horsey ride.

If you are suffering from weak glutes or a weak lower back the best idea over and above your regular workout is to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions of bridges every day. Do them either as soon as you get up or right before bed. It won’t take long before you see and feel the difference.

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