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What Fitness Secret Do Personal Trainers Use To Get In Top Shape?

What is the fitness secret personal trainers know that you don’t? Sprint training is the best method to get lean, toned, and build a great butt and a great pair of legs.Why? Our bodies were meant to run (notice I didn’t say jog) and run fast. Like we always preach here at HowDoIGetGreatLegs?com, sprint athletes consistently have amazing physiques, one after the other.

Just check out the picture below of Tony Horton with his own sprint coach, former Olympian, Malachi Davis. While PX90, a home based work out plan, offers no sprinting in the plan, Horton finds sprinting so important to hire his own sprint coach. Think about that for a moment, Tony Horton has been training people for decades! Yet he still feels that sprinting is so important that this elite fitness expert hired his own personal trainer (for sprinting at least).

Tony Horton and Malachi Davis

The fittest of the fit use sprint training to stay in tip top shape.


This brings up two important points. The first is sprinting is very technical so it is not something you should do without some form of guidance. Even top trainers need guidance. Most of us cannot afford our own personal sprinting coach but you can at least get information to guide your training and perfect your form (because form will play a huge role in your results).

Secondly, most of these popular home work out programs are designed to get you into decent shape, not great shape. The fittest of the fit know that to look truly incredible you need to do track & field training combined with some form of strength training.

What many people may not know is that top sprint athletes are also big gym rats. While you don’t need to join a gym to get great results, it does mean you will also want to also devote part of your training routine to strength training. Body weight exercises for strength training are more than ample to get you a great set of legs and help you get into the best shape of your life while you’re at it.

If you want to get great legs and in the best shape of your life get started on the right track immediately. Most people spend years figuring out how to get in truly great shape if they find out at all. Don’t waste time on a treadmill hoping to look great. Start a sprinting and strength routine and you’ll be in sexy shape in no time.



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