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What I Learned From Summer Indulgences And How To Reverse Cellulite Build Up

We’re mid-way through the summer and if you are anything like me there has been too much barbeque, beer, and laying around. That means putting on a few unnecessary pounds and worsening the appearance of cellulite. So let’s discuss how to reverse cellulite build up and take in some lessons learned from this summer’s indulgences.

How To Reverse Cellulite Build Up

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The truth is the changes in my diet and activity haven’t been all that drastic. But it’s the little details that make the difference and that is exactly the point you need to understand. People put on or take off weight at a fairly slow pace. So slowly in fact that it is hardly noticeable for months until one day you catch yourself in the mirror or on the weight scale and finally notice that there has been a significant change for just a couple of months prior.

I know that during the summer and the winter holiday season I am bound to have more fun, social activities to attend which means decadent food, tasty alcoholic beverages, and less time for working out. And guess what? That is just fine.

What I Discovered This Summer

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Water – The difference between drinking over 3 litres a day is a monstrous difference on your metabolism. Over the summer I wasn’t as strict about just how much water I drank, which resulted in allowing myself to drink 2.5 or sometimes 2 litres a day. Still a lot of water by most standards but I could actually feel my metabolism slowing down.

Water has so many health benefits and is the easiest thing you can do to immediately start getting leaner, looking better, and fight cellulite.

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Alcohol – Research shows that alcohol slows down the metabolism drastically and basically shuts off your fat burning engines. It’s no so much the calories in the alcohol that is the issue but it’s effect on your metabolism.

There is also the issue of what you eat with alcohol. Typically, when we have a libation or two we also tend to eat terribly at the same time which only exacerbates the problem.

The solution? If you know that during certain seasons you drink a little more often (e.g. the summer and winter holidays) make a point to really limit how often you drink during the fall and late winter/spring.

Consider even going dry for a month or two during these months when your social calendar is lighter to give you body a break.

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Carbs – Portion size is paramount if you want to get lean and stay lean. The difference between a lean meal and bad meal can simply be the amount of carbs you consume at one sitting. I believe it’s good to have carbs just use self-control. Limit your portion size to no bigger than your fist of good carbs (sweet potatoes, potatoes, or rice) at any one sitting.

When I indulge in bigger portions I feel the sluggishness creep in after my meal which is a telltale sign I’ve overdone it.

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Cheat meals – There is a sweet spot for all of us where you can cheat just a little every week and still be on a constant lean down path. For everybody it is a little different but the overall structure applies to us all.

The best routine I’ve found is to limit your cheat meals to one day so the rest of the week you body is in fat-burning mode. During the summer though I would let myself have the weekend to indulge and it made all the difference in terms of slowing down my metabolism.

If you are trying to lean down then it should be a slow and steady pace. If you are not losing 1 – 2lbs a week when you are trying to get lean, then reduce how much you cheat until you find that perfect zone where you on a steady pace to your perfect weight.

Enjoy Your Life And Keep Cellulite At Bay

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If you do the right things to get yourself into incredible shape there is nothing wrong with seasonally indulging a little more than you usually do. But that means you have a plan For Long-Term Fitness. From September to mid-November (the kick off for the winter holiday social calendar) you should be eating very clean and training super hard. The same goes for January to the end of May.

Eating very clean means limiting your cheat meals to one day a week and even then exercising restraint in terms of how much cheating you do. 2 & 1/2 meals is a good rule for a cheat day and don’t go mental on the portion size.

Every Decision You Make Matters

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You want to get rid of cellulite? Then pay attention to the details. Every decision you make matters. A little chocolate here, a cocktail there, late-night snacking, fast food…one little indulgence won’t make you fat but add up all those items over the course of a couple of months and it adds up to a lot.

This Is Your Opportunity To Get The Legs Of Your Dreams

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This is good news. Nope, check that, this is great news. This should be an epiphany for most of you. The fact is if you are eating well and exercising and not noticing the changes you would like happening fast enough you are likely only a few small tweaks away from opening a floodgate to steady results and the path to the body of your dreams.

Start now by making small changes to your meal plan and see if those changes result in you losing 1 – 2lbs that week. If not continue to make small changes until you find the perfect formula for you.

You can do it. Persistence will pay off.




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  1. Denise says:

    There is no question that we all have the temptation of indulgences all around us. That is why each of us who wants to be fit has to have a bigger reason to stick to the disciplines and overcome those urges to eat sweets or skip a workout. I believe in a balanced life of moderation as well. That is why I also believe persons should have a splurge day to assuage those cravings that come with depravity.

  2. Jack says:

    I can’t say I have anything pinpointed, but there is something about the dog days of summer that can make even the most disciplined person want to take it easy, whether it be on their workout schedule or on the diet. It has happened to me and it can also happen to people who live in winter climates such as the Northeast, because summer days can get hot even in cities like Chicago or any of the boroughs of New York.

  3. Marian says:

    I’m always wary of diets that claim drastic, rapid weight loss and/or “easy, guaranteed and lasting weight loss. To prevent re-gaining, weight loss should not exceed one or two pounds per week. Or diets that encourage you to eat/drink their product a couple times per day in place of your normal meals. This diet technique often lacks variety and will quickly leave you craving other foods which may cause you to binge. Additionally, these diets can end up costing you a lot of money.

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