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Why Am I Fat?

Why am I fat? That is a question many of us ask ourselves at some point in time. A recent academic study performed on rats reveals a preference for sugar over cocaine! I knew sugar is incredibly addictive but those results really bring the point home. So it’s no wonder the focal point for the scientists that make our processed foods chase something in the food industry as the “bliss point”, particularly in junk food. The bliss point is how the food industry manufactures food to rival the addictive properties of drugs.

You don't just like sugar, you're addicted to it.

You don’t just like sugar, you’re addicted to it.

We are uncomfortable with admitting our addiction to bad foods. Think about it, like most addicts our first instinct is denial. We have severe cravings when we try to avoid those foods. Once we do avoid them for a time we feel incredibly better for flushing these toxins out of our systems. Sounds like an episode of Intervention.

So the first step to getting healthy is to understand that we do have an addictive relationship with the bad foods we eat too often. No one is saying you can’t treat yourself once in a while. It’s how often we eat junk food that is the problem.

The second step is to purge your house from the plethora of junk food in your cupboards. Instead, when you decide to treat yourself, buy just what you’re going to eat at one sitting so you don’t tempt yourself with having a stash of your favourite treats on hand.

Lastly, keep good foods on hand for when you do get hungry. If there is nothing made in the fridge and you are starving you are sure as heck going to be tempted to order a pizza. A stomach full of good and delicious food will make it much, much easier to eat well and stay lean.


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