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Will Getting Stronger Legs Give Me Great Legs?

Do you want lean, sculpted, sexy legs? Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Will getting stronger legs give me great legs?” If not you may be missing the key component to transforming your body. One of the biggest myths in fitness is that getting stronger will make you big and bulky when nothing could be further from the truth.

Building a little muscle on your legs will get you leaner faster

Holding more muscle on your body is the easiest way to permanently up your metabolism. You see the body had to burn calories just to maintain muscle even while at rest so people with more muscle burn more calories even while just sitting on the couch.

As you can see from the picture above, 5lbs of muscle is much smaller than 5lbs of fat because muscle is much denser than fat. This is one reason you don’t want to be a slave to the weight scale as you seek to get fit. As you get stronger and put on muscle while losing fat your weight may not change a lot even though your dress size continues to shrink and shrink and shrink.

In fact, there are many fitness buffs who are very tiny yet it would surprise many to know just how much they weigh. That’s why it’s important to track your progress with pictures. If you take a selfie and you hate it then make sure to keep it stored on your computer.

One day you will look back at that photo and realize just how much you have transformed. The change will motivate you to be even more committed to staying fit for good.

The legs are your body’s fat burning furnaces

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This concept is common sense if you think about it. The most challenging exercises always involve using your legs to some degree; squats, lunges, burpees…etc. Why? Because these bigger muscles demand more output from your body to move, especially through a full range of motion such as a deep squat.

As these muscles get stronger through body weight training you also end up putting on more muscle faster than other forms of exercise, which as (we mentioned above) ends up ramping up your fat burning engine.

Do I Need To Lift Weights To Get Strong, Sexy Legs?

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In a word, no. There are two ways to get stronger, lift heavier things or do more reps. So high repetition workouts with your body weight will definitely do the trick.

That’s not to say you can’t increase the weight for some exercises. One leg squats (aka the pistol) may sound like a daunting task to try today but you would be surprised how quickly you will be able to achieve this feat of strength just by doing some regular leg exercises on a consistent basis.

You can get much stronger with just body weight exercises

There are many examples of people who have developed enviable bodies and in the process became incredibly strong using only body weight exercises.

Think about dancers, gymnasts & acrobats, yogi’s, and many, many athletes from a variety of sports who have never lifted a weight in their lives yet have tremendously lean, sculpted bodies with only body weight exercises.

My Buddy Forest Vance Has Helped Me Help My Clients

Even coaches need coaches. If you’re not learning you are not moving forward, progressing, getting better. That’s when things get stale, boring, and unmotivated. What I do (and any good fitness pro does) is seeks to continually learn and improve.

So when I wanted to take my body weight training to the next level I naturally turned to my buddy Forest Vance. Forest is a former NFL pro who, after his career in the pros) leaned down tremendously with body weight exercises (he lost 65lbs).

Forest is a big guy, and he can do some amazing things with body weight training. The key to becoming better at mastering body weight exercises is following a smart progression of exercises allowing you to do more and more challenging things.

It doesn’t take long before you will actually surprise yourself with your new found capabilities.

Check out more from Forest here.

You Need A Plan To Get Stronger Legs

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Getting stronger doesn’t happen by accident or experiment. You need a plan. For example, Forest’s routine is both a combination of research-based results and in-studio experience with his clients to produce a system that consistently makes anyone dramatically stronger in a short period of time.

Yes doing high reps of body weight exercises will make you stronger, but it is not just as simple as all that…how you break up your sets and reps, how you combine exercises, and how you rest and recover are all vital ingredients to a successful exercise program.

You Need To Feed The Muscle

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If you decide to take on the challenge, and get stronger you won’t be disappointed. But doing so means you have to be committed to eating smart…which means eating more than you probably do now.

People are often surprised how much really lean fitness buffs eat in a day. But your body needs the building blocks to build that muscle, it can’t just take it from your fat stores.

The make-up of muscle and fat are completely different. Muscle doesn’t turn into fat and it certainly can’t be built from fat. You need to eat a decent amount of quality protein throughout the day to build muscle. Fish, chicken, eggs, and lean red meat are the easiest sources of protein.

Supplement your protein needs with a quality protein and good vegetarian sources of protein (nuts, lentils, beans, quinoa) to ensure your transformation goes as quickly as possible.

Train The Whole Body Too To Get The Best Results For Your Legs

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The body is meant to work as one whole unit. For example to do squat properly you also need to have a good set of abs, a stronger lower back, and a strong butt. Some of the best abdominal exercises demand a good amount of upper body strength.

Besides actually needing your whole body to be stronger, whether you realize it or not, you also want your whole body to look great. Many people tend to focus on certain areas of the body when they look at a fit person. “She has great legs” or “she has great abs”. The fact that she has a well-balanced, symmetrical physique often goes unnoticed.

But if she had a glaring weakness like narrow shoulders or a slumped back it would definitely take away from how attractive she appears. You want the whole package whether you realize it or not, with a particular focus on great leg development.

Want Great Legs? You Will Get Out What You Put Into It

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Whichever program you choose to follow put your whole effort into it. Be determined not to just go through the motions but to master the form of each exercise. The better you perform each exercise the more you will get out of the time you put into it and the more rewarding the whole experience will be.

And always remember why you decided to make the change to get fit in the first place. Why is fitness important to you, to your family, to your future? Remind yourself of why you’re doing this before each and every workout to keep you motivated, dedicated, and consistent.

You will do amazing things this year you just have to get started. Looking forward to seeing your transformation soon.

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