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You Should Eat Bad Food To Get Your Dream Body

What is stopping you from getting your dream body? The mere suggestion that you might have to curb eating as many of your favourite foods as you do now is usually enough for you to think whatever is being suggested is either too hard or just plain ridiculous. Notice I said as many of your favourite foods. Those who are incredibly fit with dream bodies of their own do eat bad foods and typically, fairly regularly.

It can even be to your advantage to do so.

Let’s get this right out on the table, a great set of abs are made in the kitchen. You can do all the sit ups you want ‘til the cows come home but if you don’t lean down not one damn person will be able to see your six-pack. You have to eat right most of the time to get lean.

Check out this healthy chocolate desert to make!

Eating right does not mean starving yourself. In fact, for most of us, if you are eating right and eating to get lean in all likelihood you will be eating more than you do right now. So eating right is not about being hungry, it’s about being smart.

Eating right does not mean your food tastes bland. Doesn’t a lean steak with a side of rice and a big, delectable salad sound appetizing? This is just example of eating right. There are limitless food options and recipes that taste incredibly delicious and will get you lean, toned, and leave your skin baby smooth (bye bye cellulite). You just have to make a little effort to make the right choices.

Now if you are eating right and eating lean most of the time (90% of the time) then it would be to your advantage to eat bad foods or “cheat” foods the other 10% of the time. This translates into roughly 3 meals a week.

Some of you good at math are saying that’s more like 2.1 meals if you eat 3 times a day. Since we suggest you eat 4 – 5 smaller meals a day, and average of 3 cheat meals a week is what we’ve targeted as your 10%.

Now if you eat right and eat lean your body can actually start to hold onto excess fat because your new healthy eating is actually telling your body it is getting a deficit of fat. By eating bad foods on a regular basis you trick your body into not holding onto your excess fat which will ultimately get you leaner faster.

One key to this technique – leave all your bad, cheat food eating to one day a week. If you attempt to split it up a meal here, a meal there, over the week what ends up happening is that your ability to limit your cheat meals to 3 per week almost always never happens. 3 cheat meals turn into 6 and you end up getting up to 20% or more of those bad foods.

Limiting your bad foods to 10% is imperative, it is the sweet spot, the magic number for ultimate fat loss. So eat right, eat delicious foods. Indulge one day a week. That doesn’t mean a free for all for that day. It means 3 smaller size meals of your favourite guilty pleasures. Before you know it you’ll be rocking a six-pack and a beautiful, smooth, toned body.

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