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Your Perfect Body

What do you want to look like? Do you reminisce of your petite little body in high school and long to be that skinny girl again? The truth is you’re a woman grown and you should embrace who you are now. There is nothing more attractive than a fit, curvy woman.

Embrace Who You Are Now

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Be The Woman You Were Meant To Be

Embrace your curves. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not talking about being overweight. Too often overweight woman claim that they want to be curvy and that’s why they carry so much extra weight. Those curves look okay, but an incredible body is both lean and curvy.

Real curves are made of muscle. Muscle gives you great shape. Sure you have women with a decent amount of body fat that look beautiful and curvaceous but these same women have a decent amount of muscle under their body fat to give them that attractive shape.

Don’t Be Skinny Fat

Many people long for the body they had when they were 16 years old. That is not realistic and you are only selling yourself short on looking as feminine and attractive as you can when you are going for the skinny look.

Don’t get me wrong, thin girls can look good. But a toned woman with curves in all the right places looks better…way, way better. Maybe it’s the fashion magazine’s fault creating the impression that super thin is attractive. For some people maybe that’s true, but nine times out of ten a fit, curvy woman (like the ladies on the left) looks so much more attractive then the gaunt fashion model.

Besides that unhealthy skinny look will only begin to look more drained and saggy as your muscles shrink with inactivity and poor nutrition. Build your curves and look great instead well into later life.

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Then again, have you ever looked at one of those figure models and thought to yourself, “She’s too muscular,” or, “She’s too manly,” or, “She’s too ripped,”? Have you ever said you don’t want to certain exercises (e.g. weights or squats) because they were going to make you too muscular or make your butt too big?

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The Being-Too-Muscular Myth

Remember these figure models diet down for competitions once to three times a year. They only look that lean for a few weeks out of the year because being that lean is very hard to maintain and truth be told, being that lean is not healthy.

That said, most of the pictures you will see on the internet is mainly of these women in super lean shape. Put five pounds of healthy fat on them and typically many of the people who were originally critical of their appearance think they look absolutely fabulous.

The truth is if you work very hard you can develop a body with the kind of curves that make you look good in anything you wear. But that means getting stronger. It means training your legs (as well as the rest of your body) with squats and weights to build those beautiful curves.

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How To Get That Perfect Body

Looking great comes down to being really, really fit. But what does that mean? Does it mean you can run a marathon? Or are there other measuring sticks that one should look to for a healthy level of fitness? For me the measurement is strength in some major lifts such as the squat, deadlift, weighted glute bridge, chin ups, and bench press.

Get stronger in all these lifts will give you the bikini body of your dreams. It will give you the best version of yourself, allowing you to unlock your ultimate genetic potential.

So put away the excuses and criticisms. There are a few roads to getting the body of your dreams but they all involve getting strong, eating clean, and taking care of yourself (managing stress and getting good rest). Do all these things and you are guaranteed to have the body of your dreams.

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